Closing down 2016 & Opening up 2017

Wow! It’s completely surreal to be where I am right now. January 1, 2016 I spent at the beach celebrating the survival of Christmas music. Obviously, I’m not a huge fan. K-love, you were so good to me this year. Christmas music was kept very minimalistic, and it was MIRACULOUS! A little can go a […]

Caylee’s Big Decision!

It’s hard to believe that Brayden’s baptism was a year ago. Caylee never talked to us about baptism until that day. That day I think she felt how special baptism is and saw true joy on her big brother, Brayden’s face. She has told Brad and myself on numerous occasions that she wanted to be […]

When God says go, GO

For months and months now I’ve struggled with words to write. I’ve started more than a handful of blog posts but was never able to bring them to completion. I’ve been frustrated. Felt like a failure. Told myself, “You never finish anything. Why can’t you just do this? It’s for your kids. Don’t you want […]

Brayden’s Big Day

I write tonight with my eyes welled up in tears full of pure joy. I’m one proud momma. My heart is swelling. I’m praising God for sending his son to us, so that we could truly learn how to live and have eternal life. Brayden Michael, We love you and have never been prouder of […]

Brycie Goes to School

You’re two. You go, go, go all day long. Nap? Why would you ever do such a thing? Bedtime? No thank you. What’s this thing called bedtime? Oh yes, it’s time for jumping, screaming, climbing… basically anything besides laying down, closing your eyes, and doing that totally unnecessary thing called sleeping. Now, honey there is […]

First Day for Cay-Cay

Cay-Cay is what I call my precious Caylee Lynn. Today was a big day for my sweetie. It was her first day of VPK. Those of you who have never heard of VPK, I hadn’t either until we were moving to Florida. It is the equivalent to pre-kindergarten. VPK stands for voluntary pre-kindergarten as it […]

Independence and Project Big Boy Weekend

Three day weekends…ahh. Oh how I love thee! When they come around, I’m so very thankful to have Brad home for these extended weekends. Truth be told, my three “spirited” little ones kick my butt daily. Reinforcement is simply amazing. Of course I love just being around Brad and hanging as a family of 5, […]