First “official” Homeschooling Day

I’m a firm believer that life in general is school, so I believe we have already been “schooling.” We are always learning just not in the traditional school setting way. However, I wanted Brayden to get the experience of a first day. We will now be settling into a little more a routine with the littles in preschool. We are going to take full advantage of some peace and quiet, and school away while they are gone!

The day started out really rough because Brayden was attacked by fire ants at preschool drop off. I felt awful for my little buddy. He was so sweet asking why I wasn’t taking care of my own bite with calamine and coconut oil and instead focusing on only him. I really only had 1 little bite, and he had close to 20!  I told him I’m his mommy, and I love him and will always take care of him first. You know it’s kind of part of the motherhood deal. As I do with most things, I took the opportunity to teach him about serving others. He was smiling away just being served by myself and feeling and hearing of my love for him.

Unfortunately, he was still miserable, so I gave him some Benadryl and attempted to “get to work.” He wasn’t able to focus, and I texted my mom that this was a terrible first day of school. I felt sad for both of us. Big disappointment.

It was wrong to make the statement that this is a terrible first day of school. I should of just relaxed and waited for the medication to kick in. How many times in our lives should we just relax and wait it out? God’s got us, but we have to be patient and let him do his work. It’s hard in this “hurry up and go world,” but God doesn’t want us to be a part of this “hurry up and go world.” We must work at living in the moment and accepting the moment for what it is.

The itching subsided, and we had an amazing first day. Why? Because Brayden said, “I like this. Can we have school tomorrow?” Hearing those words were like music to my ears. This is exactly what matters to me. It is my strong desire that Brayden enjoys learning and never wants to stop learning. He is not a traditional learner, and many things that come easily and naturally for others, simply do not for him. It doesn’t matter to me what pace he learns; all that matters to me is that he continues to learn. I’m bound and determined to not mold him into something he is not. I love him just the way he is and pray often that he will love himself just the way he is as he grows and matures. He is such a blessing and teaches me so much. He has a lot to offer to the world. I look forward to seeing all that God has in store for him.

This morning we went over some basic skills, then he played with shaving cream and Legos. After an early lunch, we headed to homeschool PE at the Y. He really enjoyed that, and I throughly enjoyed watching him. (I’m going to start working out during it, but it sure was nice to just sit back and watch for a day!) We left the Y hand in hand and headed to the library. We read, and he drew and dictated in his journal. Then, he played with the train table while once again I was able to just sit back and observe him. It was so nice!

Praising God for the vision to homeschool. It is such a blessing to teach your own children. Praying I can be patient, accept each moment as it is, and keep on learning right along my children.    



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