Brycie Goes to School

You’re two. You go, go, go all day long. Nap? Why would you ever do such a thing? Bedtime? No thank you. What’s this thing called bedtime? Oh yes, it’s time for jumping, screaming, climbing… basically anything besides laying down, closing your eyes, and doing that totally unnecessary thing called sleeping.

Now, honey there is this beautiful thing called preschool made even for the littlest of guys. I’m fairly certain stay at home moms (especially homeschooling stay at home moms) would be frowned upon should they send their little one to daycare. 😳 So, preschool it is child.

Now friends I know you’re thinking, that’s great. Two short mornings a week will be perfect. Time for him to interact with other little ones and mommy can run a few errands and breathe for a bit. No, I’m sorry. I called this beautiful. I’m sending my precious two year old to preschool three days a week for 5 1/2 hours. 🙈 Big sister, Caylee, has to go that long for VPK, so we choose to let Bryson stay the full day as well. That way I can focus on homeschooling big brother, rather than driving back and forth just to do it over again.

Today was day 1. I couldn’t even believe I was leaving him for so long. This little one I call Brycie (aka Dennis the Menace) has me hook, line and sinker. I felt as though my heart had been yanked out of my chest to be broken in two, then 1/2 of it was sloppily tossed back into my chest. Okay, I’m breathing. This is beautiful I kept reminding myself. Oh geez motherhood.

First Day of School Pics…


Bryson was so proud of the chalkboard. I’m so thankful my kids don’t scroll Pinterest. With that adorable little grin he is known for he said, “for me?!”


*Notice Macho Man in the last picture? That’s not the outfit I sent him in to school. In fact, it’s not the outfit that was on top of the bag. It was his third outfit. His poor teachers…we have had a regression in the potty department. Not quite sure what to do about it yet, but other than two potty accidents in the afternoon, he had an awesome first day of preschool! He loved it just like big sissy! Who was the one kid that climbed the only play structure that the 2 year olds aren’t allowed on? I’ll tell you I was completely shocked when they told me. Haha, nope the teachers know keeping him alive is my request for the school year. No, this is not a joke. It’s my single goal every day of his life. For those that have lost a child, my heart aches so deeply for you. As a parent, you always know that nightmare is a possibility. So, though it’s my goal each day, I’m completely aware I have no control. God does though. I leave this in his hands; I trust him completely.


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