First Day for Cay-Cay

Cay-Cay is what I call my precious Caylee Lynn. Today was a big day for my sweetie. It was her first day of VPK. Those of you who have never heard of VPK, I hadn’t either until we were moving to Florida. It is the equivalent to pre-kindergarten. VPK stands for voluntary pre-kindergarten as it is not state mandated, but it is FREE should you choose to enroll!

My big girl is going three FULL days a week. It’s such a long day, but her favorite thing today was EVERYTHING! I just knew she would love it. It is a wonderful Christian preschool full of loving and caring teachers, and this child LOVES all things school. She is always begging to do more homeschool. So, I decided this would be great for her, and as she likes to tell everyone, we still get to do homeschool two days a week. πŸ˜„

Caylee and her big brother Brayden are the best of buddies, but they get on each other’s nerves on the daily… So, for me – some peace!!! Amen! Hallelujah! I need some peace in my life!

Caylee Lynn, you rocked your first day, and I expected none less. I love you so much and mommy will miss you on your school days. However, I look forward to seeing the sparkle in your eyes as you tell me all about each day. Love you my precious sweetie pie. 😘




2 thoughts on “First Day for Cay-Cay

  1. So happy to be here for her first day and see that sparkle in her eyes when we picked her up and she said she loved EVERYTHING Loved all the pictures of this cutie pie 😍 on her first day of VPK

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