Independence and Project Big Boy Weekend

Three day weekends…ahh. Oh how I love thee! When they come around, I’m so very thankful to have Brad home for these extended weekends. Truth be told, my three “spirited” little ones kick my butt daily. Reinforcement is simply amazing. Of course I love just being around Brad and hanging as a family of 5, but during this current phase of life, I’d be lying if I didn’t say extended reinforcement comes to mind when three day weekends roll around. LOVE 3 DAY WEEKENDS!!!

We enjoyed a neighborhood party in The Sac with fireworks galore!

Fun with snaps…


Fun with smoke bombs… 



Fun with sparklers…   

 I think Brad spent about $8, and our kids thought it was the greatest ever. I love the simplicity of little kid fun! Don’t get me wrong they loved the massive fireworks and giant street party, but they wouldn’t have been only content but full of pure joy from snaps, smoke bombs and sparklers!

Some more fun…   


I decided to take full advantage of the 3 day weekend of reinforcement and named it “Project Big Boy.” Bryson’s crib was turned into a toddler bed, he potty trained, and I gave him a big boy haircut. Some might think that’s a bit much for a little guy all in one weekend, but this momma is a get her done type of lady sometimes. I’m quite strong willed myself, or let me refrain that in a kinder, gentler way since I’m trying to for my kids – I’m spirited!!! It definetely wasn’t easy; we still have some bedtime issues and an accident here and there, but overall the weekend was a huge success! I’m so proud of you, Bryson Bradley!!!

No more crib…


Ice cream to celebrate potty success…   


Cutest thing ever…

The haircut…  


Bye, bye baby, hello big boy 😭


4 thoughts on “Independence and Project Big Boy Weekend

  1. Big Boy Bryson is just too stinking cute in his elmo underwear. Looks like lots of fun celebrating the Fourth. Lots of cute smiles

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