Bryson Bradley Turns Two

 You are no longer a baby, but my baby you’ll always be.

Since I poured my heart and soul out last year on your First Birthday  I’ll do my best to kept this one light and fun. 😄

What a joy you are Bryson Bradley! Mommy, Daddy, Brayden and Caylee think you are the best thing going. Pardon my language, but you just so happen to be the sweetest little s*** around. Really, it’s true. I’ve never met a more snuggly little stinker in my life. A boy that seems to have no fear unless I dare to blow a bubble while chewing gum. Yes, darling, you are unique. You sure do make your momma smile you mischievous little angel.

Now, for the big day…

Grammy decided she needed to see you on your big day, so she drove to Nashville and flew to Jacksonville all on her own to visit for a couple weeks! We had a great time with her as always. We went to Adventure Landing’s water park for the big day. It was so wonderful having an extra set of hands. A 1:1 ratio of adults to children works wonderfully when you have little ones!

Though you were too little to do many of the big things there, you still had a great time. Your favorite thing seemed to be the wave pool. Your smile in there was priceless. I can’t help but smile right now as I think of your precious face and that adorable grin.


We followed with a very simple little birthday party at home which included ice cream cake because you LOVE ice cream!


*Sorry, obviously our family can’t take good pictures, or I’ve just quit trying 100 times and just accept it is what it is. As I always tell you and your brother and sister, you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit. Though you all still throw fits, so I’m going to as well. 😤😡😁😢😭😂


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