Resolution Reveiw

The time has come to get back to memories in the making. I can assure you the time will come to post my testimony. All this madness in the middle will be revealed. Don’t know when, but keep following this “crazy,” and it will happen. It will be worth the wait. 😊

Let’s go back to my first brief post,

That list truly is what I hoped to achieve this year. Well, I’ve never been a very confident person, but I’ve realized I want my children to be very confident. This blog is done for them in order to relive their childhood once they’re grown, so the confident mom is being born. I have to be an example for them. So…with time left to spare in the year, I’ve reached all of my resolutions. Yes, I still make mistakes. No, I don’t think I have it all together. However, I’m proud of what I have accomplished because I know I was a good mommy, wife, and Christ follower before, but now I am better than before. Not only were these resolutions achieved amidst tremendous trials, our family grew more than we could have ever imagined possible in less than a year. Was it perfect? Not even close. Was it hard? You better believe it. Would I change anything? Not.a.single.thing. Am I confident that God truly called us to Jacksonville? No question. Am I proud I prayed, listened, obeyed, and trusted even though I questioned everything sometimes? I’ve never been prouder.
Now, I’ll let you know what else I accomplished this year because quite frankly I’m still in disbelief. I continued breastfeeding through all the madness and still am (probably won’t be for long), started a blog (with the help of a friend down the street), took up cloth diapering (used disposables at night and a few times here and there while traveling), started a garden (yes I consider growing some little peppers in my backyard a garden), taught all three kids to swim, even the baby (with a big jump start from an amazing swim instructor), kept flowers alive all summer (sometimes I watered, sometimes I just looked at them in amazement that they looked so good while I wasn’t watering them), and for the grand finale…started homeschooling (it’s an interesting type of homeschooling, but we are an interesting family 😉). There is one more thing – my testimony was born. Stay turned.
Wait, one more thing – my one single goal for 2015 was going to be NO DIET COKE. Guess what? I now have not a single goal for 2015. I’m giving this woman a freaking break.



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